3NERGY™ Smart Electric Outboard Motors

Redefining Marine Propulsion

Coming soon (2012):

High performance electric outboard motor
Direct drive, gearless, available in 2.5 - 5 - 10 HP,
Integrates with iPhone, Android. Check out sea temperature, speed, location, battery capacity - right on your phone...
Super efficient, compact, super-quiet, fast, capable of continuous full power, light, portable, reliable. Five phase redundant design, can run on only three phases.
Innovative propeller, cooling, magnetics, power electronics.
Does not require rare earths. 3D magnetics allow easy automated assembly in EU or USA, does not require lots of cheap labor.
Measurable advantage over competition: high speed (not just trawling), 30% better efficiency and range, vastly reduced noise (no gears), not subject to flooding (real optically flat mechanical seals) nor to thermal limiting (better cooling); in-house engineered innovative outrunner design (no chinese hobby motors).

Later developments

Outboards in the 20-40-80 HP range
Marine drives in the 10-200 HP range

From 3NERGY™.